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Weight Training

Improving muscular fitness has benefits beyond adding to the capabilities of your strength. This fitness activity will have profound impacts on the health and wellness of those in your congregation who participate by increasing their overall health, encouraging physical activity to maintain their wellness, and working to improve their self-image.

Weight training is a type of strength training that uses weights for resistance. Weight training provides a stress to the muscles that causes them to adapt and get stronger, similar to the way aerobic conditioning strengthens your heart. Weight training can be performed with free weights, such as barbells and dumbbells, by using weight machines, or even through body weight exercises such as push-ups.

Offering weight training classes and seminars can expand the outreach of our church to individuals that were previously untouched by your ministries. This unique approach to working with your congregation and even the community at large can create valuable changes in the health and wellness of those your church reaches.

Weight training can range from a simple training regimen of body-weight exercises to complex maneuvers with various forms of equipment. With the flexibility of weight training programs your church can offer, you should consider the following points.

  • What resources are your church willing to invest in?
  • Could your church use this as an opportunity to partner with a community health outlet such as the YMCA?
  • Weight training can be tailored to a variety of demographics – which is the most prevalent in your congregation and community?

After considering the previous points, begin researching the types of programs your church and facility can feasibly offer. This outreach initiative can create a unique brand of exposure for your church and can lead to creating a positive and healthy image for your church.

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