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Top 9 Burning Questions You Have about Starting a Church Website

Does our church need a website?

Whether you may or may not have a website up yet for your church, we can all agree that having a website is imperative for your small church, and is an undeniable element for your organization to thrive in this competitive market. It represents your brand, keep your prospective givers engaged online, and facilitates conversation…meaning more money!

Here is a comprised list of the most common questions asked about websites.

  1. How much is a website? Depends on your budget, what type of website you need, the complexity of the site, the amount of control you need over it, and who is going to make it.
  2. What happens when my domain expires? The common misconception regarding domains is that they terminate on their expiration date. In the event that a domain registration is not renewed by its expiration date, the domain essentially goes into “expired” status, which implies all services are shut off. The best way to get your expired domain name back to place a back order on it after the grace period.
  3. How can I update my own website? It takes a lot of time and effort to update your website, but be sure you know what you’re doing before you try. Simple changes can sometimes have disastrous results. Understand how your website, how it exists on the server, and how to access it. Essentially, you can use the online editing tool provided by your host or purchase editing software.
  4. Can I see how many visitors go to my website? Yes. Google analytics is a common program people use to track their visitors, but any type of analytics program would work.
  5. How do I add a shopping cart? There are different solutions ranging from free to paid. You can download plugins if you use WordPress, or sometimes Paypal will give you an html code to add to your website.
  6. What should I have on my website? You should have the following key pages: Home page, About Us, Products/Services, Contact Us, and visible social media buttons on every page with working links to your ACTIVE social media.
  7. How do I make money with my website? You can create your website to be engaging and/or visually capturing for your customers to convert them into buyers. Another way is to provide ads on your site; however the level of difficulty in providing ads on your website is very high. The key thing you need to know is how much traffic you have on your site, and how many engaged users you have.
  8. How will people find my website? Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing and content marketing.
  9. Should I hire someone to make my website? If you have do not have the skills, time, and/or funds to do it yourself, then yes! And we can help!

If you are seeking help in developing a website for your small church, our experts here at ChurchNet know exactly what is required on your site to generate leads and help you get started at a low cost to save you time and money. Contact us today at 407-857-9002, we will even provide you a free marketing review.


For more information regarding church website content, please visit our church web development page, or contact us at 407-857-9002.

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