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Test Preparation

A recent survey conducted by The College Board reports that 57% of seniors do not seem ready for college based on their test scores. The mean reading score on the SAT was 491, writing was 481, and math was 505 out of 800. Currently, of 100 ninth graders, 44 will go on to college and only 21 will graduate within a six-year period. These startling statistics show that our current educational system is failing to properly provide individuals the skills they need to be successful at taking tests.

Your organization can combat this growing trend by offering preparatory classes for a variety of standardized tests used by students such as the GED, SAT, ACT, GRE, LSAT, and MCAT. Your classes can reflect a variety of universal test taking skills such as reading comprehension, avoiding test anxiety, process of elimination, and the importance of checking work.

Begin by reaching out to students who are scoring well on the standardized tests. Using the peer assistance method in your test preparatory sessions is a great way to reinforce the skills of both the struggling and successful students and is often associated with doing better on their respective tests. Be sure to have teachers or parents who can lead the groups and help provide a positive outlet for learning.

Take a survey of your local school campuses to determine what test preparation courses are needed the most. This will allow your church to offer the preparatory classes that are in highest demand in your local community.

Offering assistance on state tests is a great way to help people earn a higher living wage by giving them opportunities to take part in careers with higher earning potential. Learning the proper way to study for a test can be a lifelong skill that helps your program participants even in their normal day-to-day activities.

Here are some helpful links that can help you create your next test prep session:
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