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Accounting Services

Professional bookkeeping services
and accounting for churches

Moving forward in ministry has its highs and lows. Although your calling to help others spiritually may be extremely apparent, your church is still a business entity. Therefore you, as the shepherd or administrator of the church, must manage staff and ancillary efforts while also preparing sermons and tending to the needs of your community. This all can be overwhelming at times, and items such as accounting and bookkeeping services may not always be in-focus, making efficient fundraising difficult. Fortunately, ChurchNet USA appreciates the intricacies of managing a church and is here to offer solutions.

What do we offer?

Our Accounting & Bookkeeping Services include numerous packages and specific services to best suit your church’s budget. Specifically, our accounting services include:

  • Check Preparation
  • Form 990 Tax Preparation
  • Month-end Close-out Services
  • Monthly Bank Reconciliation
  • Monthly Financial Statements
  • Payroll Tax
  • State & IRS Tax Filing
  • State Annual Reporting

Bookkeeping services are bundled according to your church’s annual income and payment frequency.

Why choose ChurchNet USA for your accounting services?

ChurchNet USA understands the importance of bookkeeping for churches. While churches are exempt from federal income tax, there are instances where revenue is considered unrelated business income and must be reported to the Internal Revenue Service.

That is why we offer packages on a sliding scale to better fit your specific needs. It is also why  we offer a discounted bookkeeping trial of one month, allowing your church to decide if outsourcing your bookkeeping needs to a skilled and professional company like ChurchNet USA is right for you. 

This trial includes:

  • Balance sheet
  • Bank reconciliation
  • P&L statement
  • The month’s entering of income and expenses

In addition to assisting you with government tax compliance, we here at ChurchNet USA are privy to additional benefits of maintaining good records and accounting procedures. We can prepare your financials professionally in preparation for items such as auditing or grant-funding. Regardless of whether your organization is currently using a financial software or operating financially out of a shoebox, we can be of assistance.

Try A Month Of Our Bookkeeping For Just $49

At ChurchNet USA, our bookkeeping professionals can manage every step of your church’s bookkeeping tasks. Why worry about deadlines, government fines, or issues with the IRS when our specialists can provide your church with meticulous and prompt filing? Not only that, we can do it for less than our competitors.

  • Economical: Our bookkeeping services included all the items your church needs, while keeping your budget in mind.
  • Professionalism and Experience: Our team provides professional work and services, and we want you to be 100% satisfied. We are experts when it comes to small church bookkeeping.
  • An In-House Process: All of our services are completed in-house. This means you will receive all of your completed documents within 10-15 business days of us obtaining the necessary information.
  • Pertinent Services: We offer a variety of faith-based services, including fundraising and 501(c)(3) assistance, grant writing and more, all for a reasonable price.
  • Fanatical Customer Service: We treat our clients like family, so even after your order is complete, we want to help by being your go-to business concerning the longevity of your church or ministry.

Want to learn more about our bookkeeping services and one-month trial?

If you have any questions regarding our accounting services, please review our Accounting Services Video, or Contact Us and allow one of our representatives to help you.

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