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Outreach Programs as a Form of Witnessing

Using your church’s Community Outreach Program to Witness to the Community

As a believing body, churches set out to witness the word to those outside of the church. We often see examples of this in street revivals and door-to-door witnessing. While these methods can be effective, there is another option. Churches can use an outreach program as a form of witnessing. When a church implements an outreach program, it is positioning itself to regularly interact with people outside of the church. It is creating relationships with people who may have never stepped foot in a church.

When designing your church’s outreach program make sure that your volunteers are positive people, that your program is operated efficiently, and you are welcoming. This may play a pivotal role in a potential parishioner’s choice to attend your church. Remember that church members are charged with shining as lights for others to see the blessings of God. When we shine as lights, we naturally attract people to us and to our places of worship.

Of course, you should also provide church materials at your outreach event. Remember to have flyers or brochures displayed for the program participants or provide t-shirts for your volunteers to wear with the name of the church prominently displayed. Most important, do not forget to invite the program participants to your church. Many unchurched individuals would attend church if they were simply invited.

Using outreach as a form of witnessing does not follow the traditional means of witnessing. However, by displaying how blessed the congregation is by giving and shining as lights, your church will assuredly attract additional church members. Many people in the world have become numb to traditional tactics of witnessing. Using outreach to reach out allows you to tap into another channel; one that is less defensive and receptive to the blessings that you are attempting to share.

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