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Outreach Ministry Ideas

Community Programs to Stimulate Church Growth

Starting outreach ministries that provide services to the community may be the best way to grow your church. Most communities around the country are filled with people looking for help, however outreach ministries are not limited to serving just the needy.

Some churches offer after-school care, tutoring, or life skills training, which undoubtedly is a successful strategy of attracting new members to your church. Most importantly, these activities help build relationships, which “plants the seed” and makes it easier to minister to spiritual needs.

As an added bonus, implementing these outreach ministries may help your church qualify for government or foundation grants that enable you to more effectively serve the needy and attract more people to the church.

For your convenience we provide over 30 outreach ministry ideas free to choose from. Click on the links below to download a copy of implementation steps and add more community outreach initiatives to your church programs or Christian ministries.

Contact us if you have any new ideas, questions, or if you would like a free consultation on starting an outreach ministry for your church or an independent nonprofit organization.

Download our PDF on the most popular outreach ministries!