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Marketing Tips for your Church’s Success

Finding a marketing service company best for your church

Strong branding is necessary for startups, nonprofits, churches and everything in between!  As a nonprofit organization you should know how important marketing service company is to the success of your organization. The number of nonprofits has skyrocketed tremendously; according to the National Center for Charitable Statistics more than 1.5 million nonprofits are registered in the United States. So, shouldn’t your brand identity represent those large numbers? The answer is yes, most definitely! Suggested below are some marketing help and guidance to comprehend and evaluate when envisioning the brand of your organization.

5 Marketing Tips of a Successful Brand:

  • Relays a clear and precise message directed at a defined donor persona (this could be more than one donor persons)
  • Establishes a unique presence among your local nonprofits with the same interest
  • Identifies your organization as the “only” source for your mission’s needs
  • Leaves a lasting impression in the minds of your donors
  • Gives a message of loyalty and credibility about your organization’s goals

To start, your brand is the overall image and perception of your organization’s services in the eyes of your community, and similar organizations with the same interest.  Therefore, it is essential to research your target market and the donor’s persona when developing your brand identity and its usage.  What are their likes, dislikes, age, feelings, beliefs, interests and how will they benefit from your brand? Does your branding clearly define your intended messaging and is it appropriate for your audience?

Next, how will you utilize your brand? You must be consistent with use of your logo, tagline, and materials and what you say about your organization’s mission. You will only be able to establish a strong brand identity by designing impressionable elements (both verbal and visual) and then repeating those elements through all outlets (i.e. Website, stationary, marketing materials, advertising, PR etc.).

Furthermore, remember “honesty is the best policy”.  Current and potential donors will see right through false promises and advertisements your nonprofit commits to.  You want to be sure you can commit to all promises and beliefs that your brand promotes.  Your current and potential donors will respect your honesty, and look to your organization as a brand they can stand by and trust.

Contracting a qualified marketing service company for their marketing advice is what will separate you from the sea of other nonprofits with similar interests and goals.  So it makes sense that a quality brand requires much thought, research and integrity.  In the end, your branding should strive to meet 5 goals.

In conclusion, branding is not about competing with similar organizations for the flashiest logo design website. Branding is however, about engraving your nonprofit’s tagline, web site, logo, beliefs, and credibility into the minds of current and potential donors. What does branding mean to your nonprofit and the community? How do you utilize the elements of your brand? Are you consistent, honest, clear and memorable with your branding efforts? In addition, branding is setting the stage so that they see you as the only credible and trustworthy organization, embedding a gut feeling differentiating yourself amongst the competition.

Lastly, a brand identity and logo is not the same thing. There is nothing that looks less professional than not having a professional brand identity. If you do not establish a clean, high-quality, and consistent look and feel to your materials, you may want to seek out professional marketing help and solicit their marketing tips. All of the Fortune 500 companies have a logo, and for a good reason: it makes them look more professional. If you want to be perceived as offering a high-caliber service, you have to look polished and “put together.” A logo is not your brand, nor is it your identity. Logo design, identity design and branding all have different roles, which together make up what your nonprofit stands for.

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