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Low-Cost Marketing Tips for Nonprofit Organizations

“When the going gets tough, the tough get going” Will your organization rise to the top or will it buckle under the pressure of an unstable economy?  Most likely, you would prefer the latter, but in order to “get going” it’s imperative that an organization utilize marketing tips that are both low cost and effective.

Social networking, press releases, blogging and article writing are all ways to spread your brands image via a marketing service company without breaking the bank.  If you take the time to learn and then execute each of these marketing strategies, they can provide any organization a maximum return on little investment.

Does your organization “RT” the latest tweets in your industry? If you have an upcoming event, do you update your “wall” with the details? Is your nonprofit “In” the network with other fundraisers, charities and donors? If the previous three questions went completely over your head, it is what you call social media and it has completely re-shaped the realm of marketing. Currently, there are well over 50 different of social networking sites including: Facebook, Twitter, Plaxo, Mixx, LinkedIn, Tribe, Ryze, Digg, Reddit, Squidoo, Flickr, Freindster, Bebo, YouTube, Tagged, Xing, and the list goes on and on and on.  The key is to gain a presence on as many sites as you can maintain; meaning regularly capable of adding fresh content, interesting updates and organizational news.  Ideally and realistically, this will be around five to ten sites. If your organization does not already have a presence on at least three of the top social networking sites then now is the time to “get going” on the social media wave.

Press releases are more effective than ever with marketing help and, if done right, can deliver better pick-up with traditional media outlets, new media outlets and even get directly to consumers. How would you like your annual Gala event to be plastered in front of 200,000 eyes in color, in sound and in action?  Accomplishing this means providing your local media with a newsworthy press release.  Local reporters are constantly on the prowl for the latest happenings in the area that will generate interest from the community.  While you may not be guaranteed a feature package every week, a few sound-bites and video on the evening news would get you free publicity that reaches thousands.  Additionally, to stay competitive in the market today you need to be searchable, believable and credible.  Press releases help you to promote these goals.

An organization’s blog can provide online marketing help or news on your specific organizations interests, beliefs, positioning on current news.  As a nonprofit it is important to start your blog early because this can be one of the most cost marketing help ways to reach followers of your organization.  As your organization grows so will your number of followers and those who become faithful will appreciate your information and possibly become a future donor. One of the best characteristics of a blog is that it′s not necessary to be a professional author or a multi-million-dollar company to have a blog.  All you need is opinions, information and insight in your cause.  If you prove to be genuine and knowledgeable your readers will notice and your blog will become one of the most cost effective marketing tools your organization could invest in.  If you have a sincere message, as most nonprofit organizations do, now is the time to “get going” on an organizational blog.

Spreading your organization’s passion to others is what builds the foundation for most nonprofits.   Writing articles for your organization is a great way to disseminate your mission to current and future donors, plus it will build your organizations credibility as an expert source for your cause.  Furthermore, blasting these articles out to websites, directories and news outlets will increase link-backs to your website, making your organization easier to find on the web.  Writing an effective article requires an understanding of professional writing and AP standards along with the capability to merge SEO tactics throughout the body of your article.  To “get going” with writing articles may be a bit trickier than writing for a blog, but with a little practice or help from a professional writer, your organization can be on its way to expert article status.

“When the going gets tough, will your organization get going?” Using the above marketing tips and marketing advice will give you the tools to get started; it is how you execute them that will determine the results you will receive.  Finally, keep in mind that every marketing help method will not deliver results right away, but not giving up and pushing forward through the storm is what will set you apart from other organizations.

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