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Ideas To Help With Funding While You Wait For Your Grant

Tips on Waiting for a Grant

If you’ve been reading our blogs about grants you should know by now what a grant writing proposal contains, why it’s so important for your organization, and how to make sure your organization is ready for grants. We have mention before the cruel reality there are 1.5 million nonprofit organizations and only 80,000 foundations funding them. That means 1 in every 18 organizations receives a grant. Competition is fierce and you must have alternatives to receive income for your organization in case you’re not ready for a grant just yet. In this blog we will let you know which route you should take to raise revenue and at the same time prepare your church to stand out above the rest when it comes time to write a grant proposal.


We have mention before how important websites are for your church. You are able to raise donations through a website. For example, you reach more people on the World Wide Web than if you knocked on every door in your neighborhood. Your website is able to be accessed at anytime during day or night, which creates an extensive advantage for you, not everybody has the same schedule but the website will remain online 24/7. As well, a website is extremely important when writing and applying for grant proposals. Foundations need to be able to access you online and look at your mission statement, who’s on your Board of Directors, and be convinced that you are raising money on your own; this can be proven with a Donations Page. A donations page allows visitors to donate money on your website which automatically deposits onto your organizations bank account.

Charge for services

Another way to raise revenue is to charge for services to those who are able to pay. You can sell merchandise on your website by creating a Store Page where people can purchase and contribute to your cause. This reassures foundations and donors that you are stable and doing everything in your power to raise funds for your cause.

Corporate Sponsorship

Corporate sponsorship is defined as financial support by an outside party, usually a corporation, for the good works of a non-profit organization. It is distinguished from a charitable contribution in that a corporate sponsor is typically motivated by a desire to receive a public acknowledgment in exchange for its support. 50% of nonprofits fail within 3 years due to causes such as a slow economy, dependency on donations, and lack of diverse revenue streams. Your nonprofit simply can’t survive with the lack of funds. Corporate sponsorship can really help you maintain your visibility within the community while marketing value and tax deduction is given to the sponsors.

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