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Exercise Buddy Program

One of the biggest challenges facing individuals starting a new workout routine is a steady decline in personal motivation pushing them to return to the gym or to put on their shoes and go running. Having a fitness buddy can increase your fitness level, helps establish common goals, creates exercise variety, and provides both individuals with a source of motivation.

In fact, studies show that participants with at least one successful weight loss partner lost significantly more weight than those without fitness partners.

If someone has a hard time getting motivated to exercise, enlisting a fitness partner may help. A fitness partner can encourage, challenge, and make working out more fun. Providing exercise buddy programs through your church will show your church’s consideration for its congregation and the surrounding public.

There are a variety of ways that your church can provide this outreach and a few things to consider when creating this outreach ministry.

  • Do you create in-facility classes or partner with local fitness clubs to offer classes to the individuals your church reaches?
  • What are the needs and values of the individuals and how do you pair individuals accordingly?
  • Could this be an opportunity to recruit individuals from local gyms and fitness clubs to help your church provide this ministry?

Again, providing a unique ministry campaign through fitness and health initiatives can create an enormous amount of exposure for your church and project the positive message of its mission and outreach vision.

Consider that the needs of individuals in the community are many and providing a new ministry initiative could reach those in the community that would benefit from the overall influence of your church and its other outreach ministries.

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