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Entrepreneurial Workshops

Self employment in the USA currently represents over 15 million Americans. That’s approximately 11% of the entire working population. It also means 10-15% of your church congregation may be self-employed.

Even more impressive is the fact that 70% of Americans dream of being self-employed one day. Therefore, establishing a business ministry as part of your outreach programs makes sense.

Given the high unemployment and announced layoffs from corporate America along with seniors and veterans returning to the workforce, establishing a business may be the best option for many. Yes, there are risks, but these can be minimized with good preparation and planning. Therefore, having entrepreneurial workshops to educate your church members and community on starting or growing a business will be of high interest.

You can invite someone with a good business background to lead the ministry. Invite local small business owners to come and speak. Ask them to share the joys, risks and benefits of becoming an entrepreneur. Chances are they will each have their own advice for success.

Below are some of the most common topics BizCentral provides that may be useful.

Nonprofit & ChurchSmall Business
1          ABCs of Starting a NPO1          Starting a Small Business
2          Grant Funding Strategies2          Steps to Grow Your Business
3          Strategic Plan Tool3          Business Plan Development
4          Top Reasons NPOs Fail4          Simple Business Start-up Ideas
5          Growing Your NPO in Difficult Times5          Marketing Your Business to the Govt.
6          Fundraising Strategies6          Top Reasons Business Fail – Biz Plan
7          Outreach Ministries for Churches7          WBE or MBE Certification Benefits
8          Graphic Design & Branding8          Graphic Design & Branding
9          501(c)(3) For Churches9          Online Marketing Strategies
10        Faith-Based Grants10        Social Media for Business

These topics are helpful not only for those interested in starting a business, but also for those who are already operating a business. This could be a great way to invite business owners in your community to church and build a relationship with them.

For more information or assistance with entrepreneurial workshops, contact BizCentral USA at 407-857-9002. also offers a variety of articles concerning different aspects of small business.