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How Can My Church Growth Be A Success?

What is Church Growth?

Over the past several months, I have participated in a large number of conversations that range from fantastic to absolutely heartbreaking. I have heard stories from several different small churches that are deeply scared about church growth and what it takes. Every time this discussion comes up, I ask one simple question. “What is church growth?” Generally, I get a different answer every time but I have noticed that everyone seems to think that church growth revolves around numbers. Although they are important, numbers do not define church growth. Church growth is about how you can as a body, reach people and how you can help them. In today’s blog we will talk about one big way your church can grow and the benefits of growing.

Family Life Center

A Family Life Center is a ministry outreach program that can create ministry awareness.  If your church does not yet have one, you should consider one. This is more than just a center that helps with assisting your community but it is a concept used my many ministries to build personal relationships and trust within your church body. So what can your Family Life Center Offer? There are many different options to choose. Many churches offer after school programs, a daycare, a financial class, youth programs, and many more, all inside of the center. A Family Life Center can also become a way to fund raise for your church and help you receive faith-based grants.  Many churches do not realize that having a family life center can be a great way to host events for people who are also passionate about your mission.

The Benefits of Church Growth

There are many benefits of church growth. The benefits of church growth are: helping people in the community, increase church attendance, local community support, planting the seeds of home and so much more.  Church Growth is such a vital part to moving forward as a community. Growing your church means growing your volunteer base and more volunteers mean more effective ministries. With more people attending, offerings will be higher which will provide your church the opportunity to pour into your community outreach programs. This will also give you the opportunity to partner with nonprofits, such as: local food kitchens, other churches, and the schools in your area. Recognize it or not, these small things can build the foundation for your church’s future and success.

Let ChurchNet Help You Achieve Your Goals

ChurchNet USA is a church development center that offers over 30 business solutions to helping your church grow. We understand how hard it can be to dedicate yourselves to the health of your church and its members while trying to keep the necessary records and accomplish the everyday business operations.  We want to help your organization. Our services are: accounting and bookkeeping, capacity building, family life center planning, and 501c3 filing. By utilizing our services, we can take the load off of some of your staff members and let them focus on the actual mission of your church. As an added benefit, we also offer an easy payment plan to fit into any budget.

Do you need to know more about church growth?

For more information regarding church growth resources, please visit our church start-up page, or contact us at 407-857-9002.

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