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Career Fair

In an effort to assist those in your community who are seeking meaningful employment, a career fair can be planned to bring together many potential employers in one central location. Career fairs can provide an ideal venue for employers and job seekers to come together to share job information, apply and interview for jobs.

At these events, employers set up booths with displays of information about their company or organization, offering a highly-efficient way to connect future employees with potential employers. In addition to securing the ability to submit many resumes and applications without traveling from place to place, a career fair introduces job seekers to careers that they would not otherwise have considered, and provides valuable networking opportunities.

Based on the location and scope of your job fair, you should have a sense of the kind of audience who will be interested in attending. Determine the educational background and job experiences that the majority of potential employees in attendance will share. Once you’ve figured out who is most likely to attend, you’ll be able to invite employers, speakers, and exhibitors accordingly.

When planning your career fair, don’t try to reinvent the wheel. Consider partnering with other community-based organizations that offer career development services.

Consider incorporating your other career development ministries into your career fairFor example, implementing workshops throughout the day will offer you the opportunity to provide your attendees with tertiary services, such as education and instruction in job search resources, professional dress, resume writing, or interviewing skills. In addition, short presentations, guest speaker sessions, and informal lunches/receptions are all great ways to let your attendees learn about the variety of careers available to them.

As you plan your career fair, remember that you do not need a huge budget to pull it off. You’ll need some funding and resources, but with a little creativity and flexibility, you should be able to cobble together the necessary support.

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