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Bike Parade

A bike parade can be a unique and wide-reaching community event your church could host or sponsor to increase the visibility of your church and its other outreach initiatives. A bike parade provides your church with the opportunity to promote the benefits of exercise and fitness, an avenue through which involvement from other community groups and businesses can be easily pursued. It also provides a highly-visible activity to market your church, its programs, and congregation.

Your church can capitalize on this type of outreach ministry in a variety of ways depending on the resources and time your organization is willing to commit. When an opportunity to participate in such an event arises, consider the following.

  • Would our church benefit more from hosting and organizing its own bike parade or by organizing a team to volunteer and participate?
  • What kind of materials and message does our church want to convey through this marketing opportunity?
  • How many participants will we have on our team and what is appropriate for this particular event regarding the individuals who participate?

Promoting healthy activities and spreading that sentiment to the community at large is a great way for your church to spread its mission with individuals and families in your surrounding neighborhoods. By either hosting or supporting an event like a bike parade, your church reaches out to a wide range of cultural and social demographics in your area.

Due to the commonality bike riding typically has among individuals across categorical lines, it is not uncommon for even modestly-sized bike parades to host over 500 participants with some larger events involving over 2,000 individuals. This large audience can serve as a great way to bring the efforts, mission, and vision of your church to the community and can even serve as a successful fundraising campaign.