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5 Helpful Tips to get through your 501c3 Application Process Faster

The 501c3 process is a very daunting task for many non-profit organizations. It can be
very lengthy, and can be something that changes how your company is run, and can be one of the biggest in its success or failure. In this Blog we will be discussing some ways that you can cause your 501c3 to be approved very quickly.

Making Sure that all information is provided

By Providing all of the information needed on a 501c3 this helps the IRS to get all of your
documents through faster. If you do not give all of the necessary information than it will take much longer for the IRS to acquire your information. Some of the things included in
this are the Names of all of the people that run the company, as well as board members so that they can know who is filing. Mailing addresses, Titles and Positions of the staff members, and the amount of money made annually.

The Bylaws of the company are another piece of very necessary information that should
be included in your 501c3 application. This piece is so important because, it is what creates the standards at which the non-profit organization is running.

Make sure you know what to do

Having knowledge about the application process is something that is going to be a very important aspect in getting the 501c3 process done more smoothly. If you learn more about what the 501c3 process means you will be able to find that the process is not as scary as it seems. If you know that you can fill out the Form, 1023-EZ, you can use this to make the 501c3 process a lot easier this causes the form to be twenty three pages shorter than the regular 1023 form.

Make sure to Proofread multiple times

When you are filing for anything you want to make sure that you are presenting the best that you can so that your non-profit can be approved. If your forms contain a lot of error, it will take a much longer period of time for the agent reviewing your application to read and accept or deny it.


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