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10 Summer Fundraising Ideas for Your Church

Is your church or youth group ready to start your summer fundraising?

Hot summer days fly by and turn into cool Autumn ones in no time, now is the perfect time for your church to take advantage of the beautiful Summer weather with some fun, outdoor fundraising events. You team groups will enjoy getting outdoors and helping to maximize the funding that you need. Here are some easy and fun ways to help lead your church into a strong Autumn Season.

  1. Lollipop Sale

It’s a classic candy that always sells because it’s not too much to eat, easy to hold onto or eat immediately, and won’t be messy. Make it a featured table at one of the other events listed, or make it a running campaign through the summer.

2. Yard Sale

Who doesn’t need an excuse to declutter and simplify their home? Some church goers might not be able to make monetary donations for each project, but most people will be happy to donate a few things to clear up some space in their home.

3. Barbecue

Summers are made for barbecues: hot dogs and hamburgers are easy and inexpensive grill items that everyone will love. Food can be the main event, or something you have in conjunction with one of the other suggestion topics.

4. Bike-A-Thon

People love any excuse to enjoy being outside this time of year, so having a bike-a-thon, walk-a-thon, or any other “thon” can easily bring in a crowd for your fundraiser.

5. Water Balloon Fight

If you live somewhere that gets really hot summers, this is a great way to help people cool off, have fun, and help out your church. Turning this into a fundraiser is easy:  find any large open space, a park or a field, and bring some balloons. You can charge per balloon, or have people sign up in teams and have an entrance fee.

 6. Pool Party

This one is super easy! Find a pool to host the party, and make sure you have the right amount of supervision if you’re going to have any children. For even more fun you can sell snacks, set up pool games, a splash contest, raffles, and easy carnival games.

 7. Just For Fun Game Night Event

Kickball, baseball, basketball or soccer are all easy games to organize for a day or night event depending on location. Make teams by kids vs. adults, boys vs. girls, or pick teams. Allow people to make donations, big or small, or charge a small entrance fee.


8. Online Fundraising

It’s easy to set up, fast, and no charge! Whether you’re between events, or just trying to stay out of the heat, online fundraising is a great way to generate revenue while keeping your time free to plan your next event.  Do your research to try to make sure you don’t lose any of your donations to hosting fees or try MagFundraising for an easy and free site.

9. Car Wash

This staple of all fundraising events, car washes are a great way to get out there and make new connections as well as raise your donation fund. If you are worried about volunteers, see if you can partner with a like minded group or organization to share the costs and share the profit from the event.

10. Concert in the Park

With the right planning and resources this has potential to be a huge success. Gather a few local groups or singers looking for a great way to get noticed or just get practice playing and performing in front of people.  Many people you find will even perform for free!


Year round fundraising keeps an organization growing, and the summer season is a great way to changer up your events to make sure you have everything you need. Stay cool and good luck!


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