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Website design pointers for the church or ministry

Website Design | Church Online | Website HostingIf you manage a ministry and you do not have an online presence or a website, you are missing key elements of your marketing and community outreach plans. Website design is one of the best and most effective ways to raise awareness of your ministry, your purpose, and your cause. If your ministry already has created a website and hosts church online, you will want to make sure that your website design is innovative and branded properly to help your organization succeed. Many ministries’ do it yourself website design initiatives are not as well received as they need to be dynamic in order to generate awareness and participation. If your ministry already has a website and website hosting, or is considering moving forward in web development, here are a few tips to improve your website and increase your organizations online presence.

8 Website Design Tips for a Ministry or Church Online

Social Media:

Social media is becoming increasingly popular and is an extremely powerful online resource. Incorporate appropriate widgets, banners, and badges onto your site. Encourage video and photo sharing, link to your social network profiles, and make it easy for bloggers and social media followers to embed your videos and feature your information on their platforms. This will attract new traffic sources, retain visitors, and build an online presence around your organization.

Visitor’s Perspective:

Take a look at your organization’s website from a visitor’s perspective. If you were visiting your organization’s website for the first time, would you clearly understand your organizational purpose? Is your website user friendly, mobile-ready and easy to navigate?

Email Sign-up:

Gathering email addresses can be important to ministries. By creating an email newsletter with relevant content you can compel people join your e-newsletter. Building your email listing is very beneficial towards implementing successful outreach.

Homepage Description:

Make sure that your keywords and descriptions are accurate and precise. It is important to use the keywords and phrases people are likely to use in searching for your local efforts or your ministry itself. This is most commonly known as search engine optimization or SEO and is an essential item moving forward in website design.

“Give Now” Button:

By having a “give now” button on your organization website, you will make it is easy for visitors to give to your ministry. Be sure that it is easy to find, and that it appears on various pages throughout your site.

The “Three Clicks” Rule:

On any website, the content that your visitor is most likely to be searching for should not be more than three clicks away. Website research indicates that you lose 40% of visitors with each click.

Search Functions:

An efficient search function – also referred to as a search bar – or a site map is important to any website. It is a user-friendly way to allow your visitors to get to their destination as quickly as possible. Backend analysis (web analytics) of your web pages will tell you if visitors are finding what they need on your website or just quickly.


Make sure that your organization’s blog is organized and updated frequently. Include content such as the latest news about your organization and your organizations’ efforts throughout the community. Allow feedback on your blogs so visitors can engage, post their comments, and access you if they desire more information. Blogs will also improve your websites’ Google ranking (search engine optimization).

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