Outreach Programs as a Form of Witnessing

Churchnet Church Outreach for Witnessing

Using your church’s Community Outreach Program to Witness to the Community As a believing body, churches set out to witness the word to those outside of the church. We often see examples of this in street revivals and door-to-door witnessing. While these methods can be effective, there is another option. Churches can use an outreach […]

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Deciding on an Outreach Ministry for Your Church

Outreach ideas that have impact   If your church has decided to start an outreach ministry, one of your most important steps is deciding what type of outreach ministry to start. A lot of variables play into this decision including the talents, size, and passion of your congregation. Other factors include available funding and the […]

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Developing an Outreach Program

Developing community outreach that has impact When developing an outreach program, churches should follow a comprehensive process that will not only ensure that there is a need for the program but that the church has the human and capital resources to effectively and efficiently carry out the program. The following process can be used to […]

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