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Own a business? Here is a solution that can significantly increase your sales. Merchant accounts have helped millions of businesses rapidly increase their customers and facilitate product sales.

With checks becoming obsolete these days and cash being less-commonly used, it is vital for your business to give potential clients other alternatives to buy your products. By offering the services of a merchant account, you will not only improve your sales, but also see an increase in your clientele.

Benefits of a merchant account include:

  • Increase Sales: By providing the facility of paying with cards, you improve the quality of your business. You attract more people to use your services as it is now more convenient for them. Thus you see an increase in the amount of your sales.
  • Minimize Bad Checks: Avoid the inconvenience of dealing with bounced checks and the costs associated with it. By allowing customers to pay with cards instead, you decrease the frequency of dealing with bad checks and business losses.
  • Reduce Excess Cash: Dealing with large amounts of cash is a security risk for any business and presents a higher risk of audit by the IRS. By using merchant accounts to accept credit and debit cards more often, you reduce the amount of cash that is accumulated each day by your sales and thus avoid potential issues.
  • Speed Transactions: You can speed up your daily transactions by conducting them with cards and thus reduce the time spent at checkout. It is much faster and easier to use and thus more convenient.
  • Simplify Bookkeeping: Keeping track of all the transactions that have occurred can be a time-consuming job. Merchant accounts offer tools that make it much easier to track your sales. These reports can accurately account for all transactions and make the bookkeeping process very simple.

As seen above there are many benefits of opening a merchant account. Now the key is selecting the right company with low transaction rates. BizCentral is here for small businesses like yours. Our merchant solution is among the lowest in the industry. We can also help you connect your account to your website, shopping cart or e-store. For more information, complete our no-risk application.

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