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Starting a nonprofit can be very rewarding but very complex as well. As an administrator you have to start thinking about choosing a board of directors, marketing your organization, developing a strategic plan, hiring employees, training volunteers, and much more.

This creates a set of challenges that make it difficult for the nonprofit administrator to focus on services and sustainability. This also explains why so many nonprofit administrators cannot pay themselves until after a year and why many feel burnout or quit.The good news is

CharityNet USA operates as a nonprofit start-up center. We can help make this process less intimidating which allows you the time to focus on generating support, while we take care of your back office.


Our Key Start-Up Solutions Include



Incorporation and 501c3 Filing

Incorporating a nonprofit is an important decision, and the Form 1023 can be declined. We can assist you with this process, and guarantee the approval of your state and federal documents.

Accounting Services

Accounting and Bookkeeping

When it comes to your nonprofit accounting and bookkeeping needs, it is important to have a professional and qualified individual looking over your accounts.

Small Business Plan

Strategic Plan

Creating a strategic plan can be challenging and time consuming. Our strategic plan writers know exactly what is required to write a professional nonprofit strategic plan.


Our marketing services use an integrated approach, combining traditional marketing practices with online marketing and advertising trends.

web development

 Web Development

Our affordable nonprofit website solutions allow you to create a professional looking website with all the functionality you need.

graphic design

 Graphic Design

Our graphic design services allow you to translate your organization brand across all your marketing collateral.

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Jack Burkman

“I highly recommend the services of BizCentral USA & the professionalism in which their people responds to all my clients needs. They have served over 125 of my business clients in just one year! More to come! Thank You.”

Jack Burkman / DC Attorney / Burkman Associates LLC.

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“I would highly recommend the work of BizCentral USA, and the very professional way their people respond to the needs of the business seeking guidance and advice”

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