Outsourcing Your Faith-Based Marketing

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For most starting faith-based organizations, it is difficult to determine all the ways which to convey your mission, vision, and brand to the community let alone nationally. Whether you have programming that is niche or considered essential to the community such as social services, marketing your organization shortly after establishment can be taxing. For faith-based organizations, this can be especially difficult as funding may not be available or in abundance.

Marketing HelpLuckily, there are individuals and vendors that specialize in faith-based marketing. Your organization can have all its marketing needs met with the assistance of volunteers, retirees, and, of course, business that specialize in services such as branding, advertising and public relations. However, how do you know that your brand is in the right marketing hands? Volunteers are a great marketing help to faith-based organizations, but have no contractual commitment to completing work or adhering to specific guidelines. Retirees can greatly assist as well, but between the “digital divide” and “golden age,” is such marketing help going to be well-versed in marketing enough to implement effective tactics to get your organization on the map?

Businesses that assist in faith-based marketing can be very beneficial to small or newly established faith-based organizations in need of marketing assistance. However, where is the service guarantee or peace-of-mind to go with the few dollars had-then-spent on marketing services? Answer: somewhere in the distance. As a result, faith-based organizations do not initially fund online marketing help as they are not privy to what initiatives are necessary or the return on investment.

When determining how to move your faith-based organization marketing efforts forward, all the aforementioned items can and should be considered. A hybrid of volunteers, retirees, and professional marketing services has the potential to get you on the way to national recognition. With outsourcing, it is a matter of determining which basket to place which egg, or which type of marketer is ideal for the particular task:

Word-of-Mouth Promotion

Anybody can be an advocate for a cause. It is a matter of training a passionate person on what it is they need to say and do in the event they are presented with an opportunity to market. Go over your “pitch” with the entire team from the C-level administrator to the volunteer.

Marketing Assessments

Marketing assessments can assist your organization with moving forward online marketing help. If you are able to find a free, creditable marketing assessment for your organization, take it! What is there to lose?

Web Development

The easiest way to get you ministry worldwide attention is per the World Wide Web. Therefore, if your organization has moved forward in its incorporation and 501c3 status but not a website, this should be your next move.


Search engine optimization or SEO is a method by which organizations market their products or services online. By utilizing a series of tags, heading, and keywords, as well as various off-site techniques, an organization’s web content can go from lackluster and not seen to dynamic and nationally known.

Social Media Engagement

Both free and fun, social media can place your organizational mission into the hands and hearts of many. As such a widely used and easily accessible item, social media allows organizations to take their message and mass-market to engaged individuals.

With these specific initiatives and the details therein, you as a faith-based administrator can determine what are the best solutions for you organization. There is nothing wrong with not knowing what one or more of these items are, but that is simply reiterating that asking for assistance may be best. Turning the wheels of a faith-based organization or any business entity in the wrong direction can result in wasted time, resources, and physical supporters. Adhering to such items before your next marketing initiative can greatly assist you in reaching your marketing potential.

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