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Faith-Based & Church Grant Writing

Research and Proposals by Grant-Writing Professionals

Are you looking for Christian, church, or faith-based grants to expand your church or start outreach ministries? These grants can provide the funding needed to start or expand a family life center or your church.

It’s important to understand that the foundations which fund church grants are few, and your proposal needs to stand out. The best strategy is to implement community programs such as a family life center or outreach ministries that can help your church grow its membership.

We currently have access to over 20,000 foundations whose purposes are to provide funding through grants. Over $50 billion is given away each year to charities, churches, and outreach ministries nationwide. No matter what your church or outreach ministry does, we can help find grant funding for it. Whether it’s Christian grants, faith-based grants, or outreach grants – we do them all!

Our most popular grant writing package includes a comprehensive faith-based grant proposal and guaranteed research process. This ensures the best funding resources by matching programs, geography, funding windows, and application processes.

Once we find the appropriate foundations, we will customize each grant proposal for the identified foundations. These proposals will then be mailed to you for signature and forwarding to the selected grant-providing foundations. All the proposals will be transferred to a CD so you can make future copies or utilize them to seek funding from other foundations.

We are confident that our professional grant writing, proposals, research skills, and low costs make ours the best grant writing company in the USA. Our process is simple. We start with developing a professional grant proposal, conduct guaranteed research, and then provide essential resources to build a relationship with potential funders. Last but not least we help you raise the money to pay for the grant writing service without using your church budget!

Please note that if your organization is lacking the proper business fundamentals, you will not get a grant regardless of who you work with! Before we start, we believe it is critical to review your church’s grant readiness before you invest in grant writing.

Top reasons to let us help with your grant writing project:

  • Guaranteed Research
  • Professional Grant Writing
  • Grant Result Review Process
  • Low Cost & Affordable Pricing
  • Easy Payment Options
  • Buy Now Pay Later Program
  • Free Fundraising Assistance
  • Business Development Resources

Getting a church or faith-based grant can significantly help your organization. Don’t risk your time and money by using inexperienced volunteers or companies to write your proposal.

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