Corporate Sponsorship FAQ

Q. Why do we need this service?

A. This program provides two benefits. First, the organizational assessment will result in the provision of recommendations on solutions necessary to help the nonprofit operate efficiently and generate growth. Secondly, the program provides development of the tools needed to generate the funding to implement these solutions, while also increasing the capacity of the organization’s administration to manage the newly-realized expansion.


Q. Must we have an established organization to participate?

A. Yes. The organization must be legally established. In addition, having a 501(c)(3) status or a fiscal sponsor will be necessary to offer sponsors tax-deductible donations, which directly affects your level of success.


Q. How will the process work?

A. To begin the process we send you a simple questionnaire to gather information on your organization such as mission & vision, website, logo, photos, etc. Then we will set up a phone interview to collect additional information. After this we begin to design the program and documents which we will forward for your review and approval. Finally, electronic copies of all documents and toolkits will be provided to you for your convenience.


Q. How long will the process take?

A. Overall the process can take between 30-45 days. The specific timeframe for each organization will be dependent upon the client’s schedule and timeliness in submitting required information.


Q. Does your organization help with fundraising at our location?

A. No. We are not licensed professional fundraisers and do not get involved in the handling or collection of donations for our clients. Our role in fundraising is limited to presenting tools and information regarding cause marketing and corporate sponsorship programs, as well as sound financial management. We can assist with free fundraising ideas and templates for events. However the implementation is up to the organization and local fundraising team.


Q. Do you offer any income guarantees?

A. No. The success of the program depends on the organization’s commitment to fulfillment of its vision and mission. Other relevant factors include the skill and efforts of the management team and volunteers.