Community Contributions

Our Commitment

Since founding, BizCentral USA and its subdivisions, CharityNet USA and ChurchNet USA, has demonstrated the philanthropic spirit by supporting the efforts of a variety of nonprofit organizations. We feel that giving back to the community, through sharing of time, talents, and treasures, is the responsibility of all good corporate citizens.

The BizCentral USA staff has served in leadership capacities with a variety of initiatives, providing both governance and hands-on service within the community. The company encourages employee volunteerism, giving and activism by making it easy for employees to participate.

Corporate Contributions

Through our Corporate Giving Program, notable organizations such as Autism Speaks and HelpNet USA have been able to better serve their constituents due to the company’s generous financial contributions. In addition, the company’s sponsorship of HelpNet USA’s unique web portal has facilitated collaboration between nonprofits and their constituents by making available a variety of resources that assist both the individual and the organization in need.

In-Kind Gifts

In addition to supporting organizations financially, BizCentral USA contributes to extraordinary causes through in-kind donations. Recognizing that financial resources can sometimes be limited, even for the most essential organizations, we offer in-kind donations of services to organizations with which the administration and employees have established relationships.

Complimentary Nonprofit Resources

As a service to the nonprofit community, and in realization that successful mission fulfillment depends primarily on adequate fund development, the company has made available to nonprofits a plethora of free fundraising resources. We steadfastly believe that by assisting growing organizations in generating the revenue needed to invest in their organization’s administration, we are investing in the creation of a healthy, vibrant nonprofit sector.

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