5 Tips For Facebook For Churches

Churchnet facebook

We know how important social media is in today’s world, but just because you have a Facebook doesn’t mean that’s enough. There are a few little things you can do to make sure that your church or outreach is getting the most out of your Facebook business profile. If you’re not ready to manage a […]

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Remaining in Compliance After Obtaining 501 Status

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Your dream has become a reality. The cause that is your passion has been transformed into a functional organization. You’ve established a board, clarified your mission, adopted bylaws, incorporated, and achieved 501(c)(3) status from the Internal Revenue Service. After such exhaustive effort has been expended, it would be senseless to allow the organization to lose […]

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The Importance of Obtaining Your 501(c)(3) Status

Why 501(c)(3) recognition is best to have sooner than later The recognition of your organization as a 501(c)(3) tax exempt nonprofit by the IRS offers numerous advantages and is necessary to help your organization grow.First, let’s clear up a couple of the misconceptions. Not all nonprofit organizations are tax exempt. Just because you have incorporated as a nonprofit, […]

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10 End of Summer Fundraising Ideas

The fundraising has just begun! Fall has just begun, so take advantage of the end of summer weather and bring in maximum funding for your nonprofit organization. Listed here you will find fundraising ideas that are fast, fun, and easy and have the potential to lead your organization into a successful Fall season. Car Wash- This […]

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Why your organization needs a nonprofit website

There are many platforms that let you create a nonprofit website. Many of these platforms also let you purchase your domain and so upgrade your URL from .their website to .com with little hassle. There are also many website designers who can help you create the most effective website for your organization. The importance of a nonprofit […]

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Church Web Development Tips

Make your church web design shine If you have a church and you do not yet have an online presence or a church web design, you should definitely create one. Web development is one of the best and most effective ways to raise awareness of your organization and your purpose. If your church organization already has […]

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