5 Tips For Facebook For Churches

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We know how important social media is in today’s world, but just because you have a Facebook doesn’t mean that’s enough. There are a few little things you can do to make sure that your church or outreach is getting the most out of your Facebook business profile. If you’re not ready to manage a […]

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Church Marketing In 4 Easy Steps

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Talking about marketing a church or their nonprofit can sometimes leave people confused. When we think about churches we don’t usually think about them having a marketing plan, that’s what a business does. Letting your people know that your church or even a community outreach exists and giving them a clear understanding of your cause […]

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Remaining in Compliance After Obtaining 501 Status

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Your dream has become a reality. The cause that is your passion has been transformed into a functional organization. You’ve established a board, clarified your mission, adopted bylaws, incorporated, and achieved 501(c)(3) status from the Internal Revenue Service. After such exhaustive effort has been expended, it would be senseless to allow the organization to lose […]

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5 Reasons Your Church Website Might The Problem

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When your growth has slowed, it might be time to take a look at your church’s website. We’ve talked before about what types of research people sometimes do before they make a decision to attend a church. Many people start by looking you up online, and at some point will probably click on your website. […]

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Outreach Programs as a Form of Witnessing

Churchnet Church Outreach for Witnessing

Using your church’s Community Outreach Program to Witness to the Community As a believing body, churches set out to witness the word to those outside of the church. We often see examples of this in street revivals and door-to-door witnessing. While these methods can be effective, there is another option. Churches can use an outreach […]

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10 Summer Fundraising Ideas for Your Church

Is your church or youth group ready to start your summer fundraising? Hot summer days fly by and turn into cool Autumn ones in no time, now is the perfect time for your church to take advantage of the beautiful Summer weather with some fun, outdoor fundraising events. You team groups will enjoy getting outdoors […]

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Ways to Attract Potential Donors with Your Church Website

Today’s churches are realizing that increased competition is necessitating exceptional promotion of their organizations. Nonprofit administrators are continually developing new marketing and fundraising strategies to help them become better communicators of their missions, to foster growth, and to increase the impact of their causes; thus making the world a better place. So, leaders in the […]

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