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5 Tips For Facebook For Churches

We know how important social media is in today’s world, but just because you have a Facebook doesn’t mean that’s enough.

There are a few little things you can do to make sure that your church or outreach is getting the most out of your Facebook business profile. If you’re not ready to manage a business profile just yet, take a look at our 10 Marketing Tips to get started on first. 

1. Make Sure You Have More Than One Administrator

   I cannot tell you how many times I’ve created an outreach profile for someone only to have them reach back out in a few months to say that for one reason or another they can’t access their personal Facebook, therefore they can’t get to their business profile. It can be frustrating to go through the process of fully recovering your Facebook, or you could just be completely out of luck because you can’t get into that email account, or maybe forgot to update the phone number on file. This is 100% why I recommend having a backup administrator connected to your Facebook business page. This way you’re not locked out while you wait to go through the process of resetting. You can find steps to add an administrator here.




2. Use Facebook’s built-in scheduling!

   There’s a ton of different options you can choose from for scheduling software, but Facebook has one that’s not only built in but easy to use. This can save you so much time as long as you have to make an effort to sit down and plan your posts out. One of the easiest ways to schedule from Facebook is to go to your business profile, make a post like you normally would, then click the little downward arrow by “Post” and click schedule. It’s that easy! You can always go back and change what you wrote, reschedule, or boost a post.



3. Timing Is Important

   Based on your audience, your peak times for posting may differ. There are different times to optimize based on what day it is too. You always want to check your audience before following someone else’s plan for scheduling.  You can check this by clicking “Insights” from your outreach page’s home screen, then click on “Posts” on the left-hand side panel. What you’ll see is a breakdown of potential reach based on day and time. This basically shows you the usage pattern of your audience as a whole. So when you look at the chart and see that there’s no one online at 10 AM when you’ve been posting, now you might notice that 12 noon is a much better option!



4. Boost Occasionally

   You should know that “Facebook is a pay to play platform”. It used to be that you could make a well-timed post and it would get seen by a decent amount of people, but in the last few years that reach has been decreasing. Facebook is making it harder and harder for your posts to just organically (not paid) show up in your followers’ stream.  The minimum to cost to boost a post is $1 a day, if you boost a decent post for a week you’ll see a difference not only in your reach but maybe even more likes.  



5. Use It!

   Your Facebook page isn’t useful to you or anyone following it if you don’t actually post on it! I would recommend posting at least a few times a week, maximum of 3 times unless your audience is really engaged with the content you’re sharing. You don’t have to constantly be sharing articles you wrote, high-quality videos, or sale promos. You just need to be active and engaging. Show off a picture of your product, ask a question, make a general update, share a relevant article by someone else. Just make sure that when someone goes to your page, it hasn’t been weeks or months since you used it. No one wants to follow a dead page.


Now that you’ve got some basic tips under your sleeve you’re ready to start trying them out and see where they go! If you have any additional topics you’d like to know more about, please comment on the article! We’d love to answer your questions and be as helpful to you as possible. You can also always message us on

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